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In December 1979, DONG JIN International Corporation was established as the manufacturer of nylon and polyester oxfords.

We have one line system for weaving, scorning dyeing, coating, and inspecting to ensure high quality products as well as much experience and technical know-how for the support.

As greeting the internationalization era, we branched out into Seoul, Hong Kong and Los Angeles to strengthen the competitiveness.

We could supply goods to international brands because we have continued to develop new products and build the weaving system of CORDURA® fabric in a long-term plan.

Also, we have been supplying the military goods all over the world after the complicated procedure of military inspection.

In order to be the best leader of market place in 21C, all staffs of Dong Jin International Corporation promise to develop continuously and to make customer satisfied.

Thank you.
Address : 90, Yeomsaekgongdan-ro, Seo-gu, Daegu, Korea.   TEL : +82-53-358-7521   FAX : +82-53-352-5750
TEL : +82-53-358-7521 l FAX : +82-53-352-5750
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